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Unified Underground 2011

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is a three-day conference to foster spiritual renewal in the lives of all who attend. Unlike most Christian conferences, UNIFIED UNDERGROUND is intended to cater to the specific needs of outcasts who exist in America and around the world. These people groups are called underground subcultures, and include Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Hip-Hop, Goth, Fringe, Skater, Grunge and Hippies, to name just a few.

These cultures are often at odds, but through Christ we are all called to unity. UNIFIED UNDERGROUND is an annual conference to focus on Christ and lay down all that hinders us from achieving unity in the Body of Christ. Culture is not to be feared; it is a tool that can be used to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we must learn to use it to do so. From time to time, all of those who minister to these subcultures become weary. If you are a Christian in the underground community, you are not alone... and this conference is a chance to renew your spirit. UNIFIED UNDERGROUND is also a time to allow “iron to sharpen iron” (Proverbs 27:17)—to not only be restored, but also to grow.

UNIFIED UNDERGROUND features underground pastors and ministers from all over the country, discussing topics that will awaken the Church and cleanse the soul. Whether you are a Christian in a subculture or part of the mainstream culture, you will experience God in a fresh and stimulating way that will take your blinders off. Along with amazing teaching, we pull together some of the foremost Spirit-filled underground bands and praise-and-worship musicians to perform throughout the weekend.

UNIFIED UNDERGROUND 2012 will be an engaging and challenging weekend from which we will all walk away restored, invigorated, and renewed!

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Teaching by:

T.D. Benton
White Collar Sideshow

Dale Hall
Anchor Mission USA

Loyal Thurman
Hope For The Rejected

Phil “Wonder” Porto
Hope For The Rejected Tampa

Joel Stigale
Catalyst Hip Hop
and nightly concerts with:
Alove For Enemies
Alove For Enemies (Special Reunion Performance!)
White Collar Sideshow
White Collar
Stephen the Levite
the Levite
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HM Magazine
The Hard Music Magazine

Blood & Ink Records
Blood & Ink Records
“When I was planning to attend Unified Underground, I expected to meet some new people and maybe some new contacts. What I left with was yet another example of God’s blessings being so much more than what could have been asked for. I left with a much needed, refreshed love for ministry. I made connections with people who hold the same desire as I do to reach and bring together what are, in mainstream churches, under-represented, under-recognized, and under-accepted groups of people whom God loves deeply. Most importantly, I now have a great community of people around the U.S. who hold that same passion, and we can act as a support and prayer system for each other.”
- Sarah C. (Chicago, Illinois)